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28 oct. 2018

FINALS - WD : The world champions stronger than the Europeans

That’s what we can call a match of champions ! The world champions Matsumoto/Nagahara were facing the European Champions Gabriela and Stefani Stoeva during the women’s doubles final today in Coubertin. And they were clearly too strong for the Europeans.

Watching the previous victories of the two pairs, the women’s doubles final match today promised to be spectacular. In the semi-finals, the Stoeva Sisters beat the Koreans Lee/Shin (number 7 seed) while the Japanese players qualified themselves for the finals beating Polii/Rahayu (number 4 seed) in the previous round.

Unfortunately, this match didn’t show any impressive rally and the first set was easily won by the Japanese pair 21-14. They controled the game on the court and were able to play the way they wanted to. In the second set, the Bulgarians made a lot of easy mistakes and didn’t seem to be mentally on the court. They played a better game in the second set but it was not enough to close the gap. They lost it 21-19.

After the match, the sisters were still smiling and explained : « They played very well today but we had a very good experience here in Paris and we are ready to come back next year and win the title ». As always, they will receive a warm welcome here in France where they enjoy playing (they play for the french club Issy-Les-Moulineaux) and being supported by the French crowd.

Result :
Yonex French Open 2018 - Mayu MATSUMOTO / Wakana NAGAHARA (Japan) beat Gabriela STOEVA / Stefani STOEVA (Bulgaria) 21/14 21/19

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