24 au 29 octobre 2023
30 Oct 2022

XD - Final - A Chinese persuasive victory

The world number 3 is defending the top 10 dignity today. Rising stars from the Netherlands once beat the Chinese pair HUANG/ZHENG in 2020, the latter revenged themselves in Tokyo.

The Chinese had a firm lead in the first set, but the Europeans refused to give up their game. They managed to chase up more points, but ZHENG's backcourt jump smashes aimed well at PIEK's territory. The Chinese won the first round 21/16. 

In the second game, more mistakes started to show up from the Chinese and the Dutch took the chance to fire back. They played intelligently every single point and figured out a way to separate ZHENG and HUANG in their solid combination. This good strategy helped them drill through HUANG's guard, 21/14 for PIEK/TABELING. 
Deciding game, no time to breathe. 8/5 for the Dutch, but their unnecessary mistakes allowed the Chinese to bring the game back level. 11/10 for the Europeans at the interval, then both pairs took turns climbing up. Neither can distance the opponents anymore.  20/16, 4 match points for the Europeans, one step closer! This must be a historical moment: the world number 3 pair stubbornly filled up the 4-point gap and they won the game 22/20!  
" I think I was not playing good enough for my game. PIEK, on the contrary, was so clear in her match today. I did not manage to organize efficient attacks for my partner. But we kept our faith and always trusted each other on the court, I am glad we won." HUANG Ya Qiong shared with us after the match. " Yes, trust is our key to victory. We had thought about every possibility: losing or winning.  But most importantly, we never thought about giving up. We carried on until the last moment, this is our spirit. " ZHENG joined his partner and opened up to us.  
When asked about their plan for the 2024 Olympic Games, HUANG/ZHENG said they would first of all focus on their tournaments and when the right time comes, they will have further plans for 2024.

Credit : ON L’Agence | Legal Notice | Photo credit : ©FFBaD / BadmintonPhoto