24 au 29 octobre 2023
30 Oct 2022

WD - Final - Malaysia on top of the podium today!

Their time has come, TAN/THINAAH are the new champions of the French Open.

The Malaysian pair have been playing so well so far and they will keep fighting for their first French Open title. This is a match between a world number 7 pair and a world number 11.  MATSUMOTO/NAGAHARA beat their teammates yesterday while THINAAH/TAN took out the new Korean duo. The first game had barely started and TAN opened fire mercilessly.  Both attackers on court, the Malaysians aimed the middle part between the two Japanese players. This worked well. 

Only the first set, already a very tough game. TAN’s jump smashes followed through by THINAAH’s ruthless kill block, first game was won by the Malaysians. 

The Japanese were so fearless facing the storming attacks from their opponents.   The misjudges from TAN and some unnecessary faults cost the Malaysians the loss of the second set.  Mayu/Wakana made the best use of their outstanding heights and pushed their limits far. 21/18 for the Japanese in the second game. 

Third one and the most exciting one, they started flying on court! No one could believe they had already played one hour before this tough deciding game. TAN and MATSUMOTO both needed a medical intervention because of their brave dive saving. It’s heating up in the stadium! We could only hear the heavy hits on the shuttles from these players. 20/15, the Japanese were still fighting!! But this year 2022 was meant to be a year for the Malaysians. TAN/ THINAAH, the new champions freshly born from the French Open! 

The winners talked about their victory: “It is very emotional. This tournament has been very good for the both of us and we wanted to keep the momentum going. […] It’s really a motivation for us to have beaten such great players. Next step is the German Open next week.” 

Credit : ON L’Agence | Legal Notice | Photo credit : ©FFBaD / BadmintonPhoto