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30 Oct 2022

MD - Final - It’s everything about India this year

They say, the first match is always the best match. This is both a first match between the two invincible pairs and the last match for the French Open 2022. Bottom line, SHETTY and RANKIREDDY get the crown!

Tactics? This is all about the attack

If the Indian tall players have moved steadily until their last round, The Taiwanese challengers then must fight so hard to earn their final ticket to join the party. 

Straight fire from the Indian brothers. They did not wait one second to turn on the full attack mode.  5/0, the Taiwanese finally broke the ice with a powerful jump smash from YANG Po Han. The Indians are impressive with their heights, but what is more dreadful is their front net rapidity. SHETTY took the block job today. He reassured his partner by leaving their opponents no chance to lift again the shuttle. 11/5, interval. For the rest of the game, the Indians did not hold back their fire and they carried on in their swirling smashes. 21/13, first set won by SHETTY/ RANKIREDDY. 

Yet the Taiwanese were so close

Revenge round. The scores take turns to increase. But some unforced mistakes from the Taiwanese players shook the balance. 9/4, very quickly, the Indians had a pretty lead in their set.  More parallel drives were played by all the 4 players, and LU/YANG apparently moved quickly and hit even quicker, especially from YANG. He may not be the tallest player, but his dynamism and energy definitely inspired his partner. The further the match went, the more this positive wave affected the players. But this year’s French Open is meant to offer a huge surprise to the Indians. 21/19.  All their hard matches have helped them hold up the heavy cup for 2022 Yonex French Open. Three years after their last final here in Paris, this time, the highest on the podium!  


The champions of this year opened up to us after the match : “France is one of our favorite countries for the tournaments, we enjoyed ourselves here in our match and in the whole tournament. Looking forward to more coming up games.”   

Credit : ON L’Agence | Legal Notice | Photo credit : ©FFBaD / BadmintonPhoto