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25 Oct 2022

DX - Sixteenth - Very first day, very first Mixed doubles match declared at the Coubertin Stadium in Paris

Ready or not , here they come ….


At 10 o’clock sharp, Denmark Number 1 mixed double pair Mathias CHRISTIANSEN / Alexandra BOJE arrived for their first match in Paris. They did not lose so far to their opponents from Scotland. It was a tight first set, both pairs played quite a good game. 21/18, the first game won by the Danes, the Scottish started their revenge right after the interval. It seemed that the very first mixed double match already set the bar pretty high for this year’s French Open. The Scottish spared no effort for their second game and they were once leading the scores. 24-22…. The Danes had the last laugh for this amazing match.

When asked about this match , Alexandra BOJE said “It was quite a messy match today and I am glad we won the game.

TAN Kian Meng/ LAI Pei Jing (MAS) faced their challengers from China GUO Xinwa/ ZHANG Shuxian (CHN)

It’s never easy a match between the Malaysians and the Chinese. These two pairs had not played against each other before, but they both represented the best level of their countries.   The world Number 9 Mixed Double pair TAN/ LAI need more time to get into their first game. Their Chinese challengers took the advantage and very soon distanced the scores for the two sides.  21/8, the Chinese young players only took 13 minutes to wrap up their first game. It is undeniable that the Malaysians played a much better game: 22/20. This was meant to be a very tough and breath-taking match. 8/21, 22/20, 24/22 for 1h03, the Malaysians got through the next round.  

CHAN Peng Soon/ CHEAH Yee See held nothing back against Yuki KANEKO/ Misaki MATSUTOMO

CHAN and CHEAH’s first match against the Japanese pair, the beginning of this match immediately pumped up the audience’s adrenaline.  Especially CHAN’s long time a well-known player for his attack skills. The scores were pretty close for a while, but the longer-lived pair KANEKO and MATSUTOMO managed to find their way to beat their opponents. 18/21, 17/21, not the best match for the Malaysians, but the audience had a great time watching this time.  


Other mixed doubles matches in one line:  Ishaan BHATNAGAR / Tanisha CRASTO (IND) lost against Kyohei YAMASHITA/Naru SHINOYA (JPN): 13/21 16/21 


The Indians fought hard for their first match in Paris, but they had to finish their journey earlier...  Supak JOMKOH/Supissare PAEWSAMPRAN (THA) lost to the Indonesian pair Zachariah Josiahno SUMANTI/ Hediana JULIMARBELA  19/21, 19/21.  Two German national pairs had to face each other for their first match:  Mark LAMSFUSS/Isabel LOHAU beat their team mates Jones Ralfy JANSEN/Linda EFLER 21/15 and 21/13 in 38 minutes.   


Credit : ON L’Agence | Legal Notice | Photo credit : ©FFBaD / BadmintonPhoto